Giovanna Magri works in Italy and France, she has an outstanding position in the nationally and internationaly world of the photography, she is an established  advertising photographer,she is highly skilled at still- life, portrait, food and architecture.

She gave lectures at  IED,( EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF DESIGN in  Turin,at the IFF, Italian Institute of Photography in  Milan , at the Swiss Consulate, in Milan,she worked together with  MART MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART in Rovereto.

She is now a lecturer at the LABA Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia and she is also working out  many important plans for the MONTORIO JAIL ,in  Verona.

She is always studying  and she carries out new photografic Workshops, using her peculiar way  in approaching the  picture’s world.

She works together with the Art Magazine “la Tenda Rossa” Campanotto editor distribuited by Feltrinelli.

As  authoress and female researcher she  studies the history of Photography and the language of its great  and important masters; she has been deeply analysing for a long time the portrait and self- portrait  in their  different artistic , philosophical and psychological  meaninings.

History  and stories into the  city of the human soul...
A journey into the  infinte mystery  of the HUMAN BEING.

She realized many  designs between them: Metamorphosis,Ground, Action Food, Hot, Change, New York People, Red, No Colour, Bright and Spiritual, Mèmoire d’ O Strength –Frailty,Work and Prayer, the Presence of the Soul, Steel Renaissance , Dark Lady, Fall and Rebirth, Walking my Restless.

Her works have been exhibited in the United  States, Argentina , Europe, as well as  and in private Galleries, public Institutions, Fairs, Festivals  including the latest exhibition at the International Biennal  of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

She has been successfully recognized by the critical essay  and she  got  publications on important international newspapers.

Her  works , her photographies, are part of private collections and public national and international institutions among them: Claude Avril’s Collection, he is honorary member of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, you may see  them  also at Philippe De Tristan’s Collection in Bordeaux, in Tadini Museum  in Bergamo, Valentin Museum in Monaco and in the Fundaction Museum of Parque, Salta, Argentina.