Research for a free satisfaction of senses.

Here begins the return to spiritual wealth: the approach or the conquest of maturation thinking of “Heaven”.

We reach for the achievement of an earthly and inner Paradise obtained through ecstasy, understood in its etymological meaning: ek-stasis, a material way to come out from our body as to search the absolute peace and calm, relief and identification in a dimension that is different from the uncofortable and exhausting struggle of a life surrounded by malice, violence and disillusion.

The naked bodies are willing to completely trust in the light because it is good… they are ready to feed on the pure essence, to keep it into the spirit in order to better themselves.

Here you may breath THE LIGHT OF IMMENSITY…!

The light that in Dante’s mind was God, for me is the answer, the satisfaction, the clarity and firm balance of the spirit.


Giovanna Magri

Maretti editore